First Peek at Bluejack National

As one phase of Tiger Woods’s career continues to wane, his foray into golf course design continues to grow. He has nearly completed his first U.S. design, Bluejack National, located one hour north of Houston, Texas.

As an architect, Woods believes in providing golfers with a range of strategic options (see his Diamante El Cardonal course in Mexico). At Bluejack, he’s stated that playability and strategy were the priorities. So there is no rough (think Augusta) and the greenfronts have been left open to maximize shotmaking options. Surprising for this otherwise mostly flat part of east Texas, the land also features more than 150 feet of natural elevation change, which Woods’s design team cleverly used, laying out holes as naturally as possible across the gentle hills.

Currently, only the first nine holes are done. “We’ll open up the back nine, the practice grounds, and potentially ‘The Playgrounds,’ a 10-hole short course, in January or February. All 18 holes will be ready in early April,” says Casey Paulson, Bluejack National president.

The club, which will have 386 private homes, is cultivating a relaxed atmosphere. “We’re not interested in a culture of rules. We want people to really have fun when they’re here, whether with their family, their friends, or their clients… Bluejack is designed for camaraderie, fellowship, and creating memories,” says Paulson.