What Happens to the Nike Golf Pros?

News broke in the last two days that Nike will no longer be manufacturing golf balls, clubs, and bags. That news sparks a number of different questions ranging from livelihood of Nike Golf employees, to who will sweep up Nike Golf’s share of the market (7-8% of the club and ball market). Casual golfers likely won’t be affected by the news, but most are curious about one thing: What will the Nike PGA Tour players do now?

Nearly all Nike pros had full coverage deals, meaning the players were 100% Nike from their hat to their balls and shoes. With Nike remaining in the shoe and clothing segment of the game, many players will simply look for a new club and ball sponsor. While that may be easy in theory, equipment changes at that level of the game take serious time, and they certainly don’t happen mid-season. That isn’t to mention the possibility of Nike establishing a partnership with another club company for its corporate sponsorships. Our call? We don’t think a corportate partnership is likely. Instead, look to see the likes of PXG and Callaway sweep players up at the end of this season. Even if they’re still wearing their Nike gear, the swoosh won’t be in the bag.

What do you think about the Nike Golf news? Did Nike simply make an inferior product from the beginning or are there larger implications? Let us know in the comments below!