Tiger Woods Launches New Company TGR

Tiger Woods may be uncertain about his future as a professional golfer, but yesterday he took a bold step forward as a corporate mogul with the launch of a new company called TGR.

Founded with the mantra, “the pursuit of excellence beyond all limits” TGR is for the moment a branding umbrella, a unified platform for his current ventures which include event management, golf course design, a restaurant, and his charitable arm, the Tiger Woods Foundation, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month.

But Woods said that several other ventures would be announced in the coming months, which, given the recent demise of Nike, begs the question: Might we soon see a line of TGR golf equipment? The new company comes complete with a distinctive logo, suggestive of tiger stripes or a tiger paw. “Or,” said the CEO, “even three trees, because I’ve been known to hit into them. My last name is Woods, after all.”