You Can Own the Augusta “Members Only” Sign

You may never get an invite to join Augusta National, but you can own the Augusta “members only” sign that once hung in front. is currently offering the sign, which measures 30″ wide and 36″ tall and dates to the ’60s, for sale. The current bid is close to $20,000 (bidding ends at 8pm on April 9). An Augusta resident ended up with it after the club replaced it with a new one, but he (or she) didn’t realize the value of it until he tried to sell it on eBay in 2010. “Though we missed out on this historic sign six years ago, we are overwhelmed with the opportunity of finally offering it for public auction,” the site states.

As you can see in the photo above, the 50-year-old sign is almost identical to the one that currently hangs in front of the club. The site also has a couple dozen other Masters and club memorabilia, including a 1934 progam of the “First Annual Invitation Tournament” signed by Clifford Roberts (current bid: $9,847). Interestingly, the club produced progams for the first two years but then suspended publication until 1990.