What’s New in 2017 from Tour Edge Golf

Tour Edge Golf
XJ1 Driver
Tour Edge boasts of the “material advantage” it gives to each of its clubs, using superior (and sometimes expensive) ingredients. The company’s top of the line driver uses what it calls a “supermetal,” the extremely strong and lightweight Titanium 9-1-1, as its base, attaching to it a large titanium face, a crown made of Kevlar-carbon, and three tungsten sole weights. The emphasis on lighter weight gives golfers with moderate swing speeds the chance to hit longer drives, and adjustable weights can help close the clubface through impact. $700
XJ1 Fairway Woods
Following its companion driver, this fairway club promises more distance from lighter weight. Again, the shell is 9-1-1 Titanium and the sole has tungsten weights. It is also one of the few fairway woods with a titanium face, which varies in thickness to produce good distance wherever contact is made. Available in four lofts. $450
X10 Driver
Offering light weight at a more affordable price, the EX10 has a titanium chassis and extra-large face with a correspondingly large sweetspot. The head has been aerodynamically designed and has speed channels in the sole to reduce drag and enhance forgiveness. The hosel is adjustable and the club comes with three different weight screws. $350
EX10 Fairway Woods
All-steel woods gets their power from a super-thin face that produces plenty of distance. A low, deep center of gravity launches the ball high (the club comes with three weight screws), the tapered head shape improves aerodynamics, and the SlipStream sole has been improved for better movement through turf. Available in five lofts. $250
EX10 Hybrids
Using the same high-density Japanese steel as the fairway woods, these hybrids have an extremely thin face that produces both distance and forgiveness. The redesigned sole minimizes turf interaction, and the deep center of gravity gets the ball up from any lie. Available in five lofts. $180