What’s New in 2017 from Ping

Sigma G Putters
All 16 putters in the new Sigma G line feature a full-face insert made of Pebax, a lightweight elastomer—commonly used in the soles of athletic shoes—that provides high energy to the ball while creating a soft yet responsive feel. Filling nearly the entire width of the milled-aluminum face with the insert allows more weight to be moved to the perimeter of each head, increasing its resistance to twisting, and positioning the center of gravity to reduce skid and initiate forward roll immediately after impact. Sigma G putters are available in blade, mid-mallet, and mallet designs, and in platinum or black-nickel finishes. $195–$235
Glide 2.0 Wedges
The grab is in the grooves, and these wedges have been designed to optimize spin and control thanks to advances in groove technology. Using an extremely precise milling process to etch into the stainless-steel heads, the resulting grooves are cut with a sharper edge radius to produce more friction. And milling the grooves closer together allows adding one extra groove to lower-lofted clubs, two more in the higher lofts. Available in a choice of four grinds and a wide range of lofts. $150 (steel); $175 (graphite)
i200 Irons
Designed for shotmakers, this Tour-inspired iron (clean look, minimal offset) also promises forgiveness thanks to weight distributed to the edges of the clubhead. It’s made from soft stainless steel with a thin face backed by a stabilizing bar in the cavity and a hidden elastomer insert that allows the face to flex, producing faster ball speed with good feel. Soles have added bounce and a contoured leading edge to help the club move easily through turf. $135 per club (steel); $150 (graphite)