How to Fix Your Slice

Jack Burke 1954
Unquestionably the major cause of the slice is bad footwork. Good footwork correctly shifts your weight and turns your hips, bringing the clubhead down unerringly within the path it made going back. In order to do this, the right knee must be pointed well in front of the ball on the downswing. This gets your weight off your right heel, sending the clubhead inside and out as it strikes the nearer half of the ball.  The Natural Way to Better Golf

George Duncan 1922
Nearly every cause of slicing boils down to just this—lack of pivoting. The player won’t start his swing with the turn of his left shoulder, and the more frightened he gets the less will that shoulder do its office. He cannot so to speak “get round the corner” on his swing with the result that at the top he is in such a position that he must come across the ball on the way down. Present Day Golf

John Huggan 1994
You need a grip that is going to encourage your right side to be lower than your left side at address; that is going to make it easier for your right side to turn out of the way on the backswing; and that is going to make it easier for you to rotate the clubface from open to square to closed on the downswing and follow through. The grip that best fills those roles is one in which both hands are turned clockwise on the club until the “Vs” between both thumbs and forefingers point at your right shoulder and the fleshy pad at the base of your left thumb is on top of the club. Cure Your Slice Forever

Harry Vardon 1912
If your direction and distance control are both off, chances are your stroke is too wristy. To assume a very secure grip and take the wrists out of your stroke, drop your left forefinger over the last three fingers of your right hand. This type of grip is used by a high percentage of Tour professionals. How to Play Golf 

Lee Trevino 1971
The right elbow is the key. As you commence your downswing that right elbow has to come in against the side. If you have that elbow in close and the hands whip the clubhead through the ball, you should find that your problem is solved. I Can Help Your Game

Henry Longhurst  1937
You may be making a perfectly good swing but be standing slightly too much in front of the ball. Thus at the moment of impact the clubface is still slightly open—for the simple
reason that it has not yet reached the bottom of its arc where it would have had time to become properly squared to the ball again. Cure—obvious. Golf

Gary Player  1962
If one gets desperate the thing to remember is that the slice is caused by the clubhead being open and not square at impact, so make a conscious effort to roll your right wrist over the left, known as pronation, and this will shut the clubface at impact. Gary Player’s Golf Secrets

Charles Herndon 1930
One of the frequent causes of slicing is the determined effort not to slice. Especially is this true when there is a yawning trap or an out of bounds to the right. If one is inclined to slice one should not try to play the ball to the left of the line, by hitting to the left and allowing for the slice, for that will often get a more pronounced slice. It would be better to play for a slight hook by swinging the club from the “inside out.”  Golf Made Easier

Joe Dante 1962
The magic move here is not an action, it is a position—the right position at the top. That position is measured in several ways: by the weight on the right leg, by the shoulder turn, by the unmoved head, but most of all by the tightness of the coil, the hand-and-wrist position, the face of the club and the plane of the swing. The Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf