How to Get the Most Out Of Your Practice Session

Peter Alliss 1960
Twenty minutes with 20 balls and maximum concentration is worth at least two hours of thoughtless slogging with 2,000. Easier Golf

Jim Flick 1997
Too many people go to the golf course and, fifteen minutes before their tee time, start tearing their swing apart, trying to incorporate some tip they read in a book the night before. That’s just fine if they only play to practice, that is to work on golf rather than play it. Take a tip from the tour players who like to warm up, play, and then practice—and build the practice session around what they learned on the course that day. Jim Flick on Golf

Jack Grout 1977
All great golfers have been great practicers at some time or other in their lives. Practicing golf is an art unto itself. The sooner you master the art, the better you’ll play. The more you improve the quality of your practice, the less quantity you’ll need. Let Me Teach You Golf As I Taught Jack Nicklaus

Hank Haney 2001
If you are more concerned with your inability to score well rather than to swing well, focus on your short game. About 80 percent of your shots are hit within 10 yards of the hole and that’s where most amateurs could really use improvement. No More Bad Shots

Tom Kite 1990
Mr. [Harvey] Penick wanted us to simply tap a ball out of the pile and play it from wherever it ended up. If it rolled into a divot, hit it out of the divot. When you hit as many practice shots as I did, you’ve got a lot of divots out there—I hit a lot of shots out of divots when I was growing up. But that surely made the lies on the course look like the ball was sitting on a tee. How to Play Consistent Golf

Byron Nelson 1985
Don’t forget the mental aspect of practice. Most people think the only time you’re learning golf is on the practice tee, but I don’t agree with that at all. I think I’ve done more for myself—and I’ve talked to other good players who feel the same way—by getting off by myself and just thinking about my game. Shape Your Swing the Modern Way 

Harvey Penick 1992
Certainly you must practice a little with every club. But don’t devote too much time to the driver. The driver is the most difficult club to hit, which is why they let you put the ball on a peg. The idea of practice is to improve—or at least to hold your own—and the surest way to do this is by practicing with a club that gives good results. The Little Red Book

Jack Nicklaus 1980
Unless you play golf purely for exercise, don’t ever practice without first working out mentally why you are practicing. If you aren’t clear about that, don’t go out and beat 800 balls in a day in the hope that a miracle will occur because, even if you do stumble across “a way,” it won’t last more than a matter of hours if you don’t understand the reason it works. Playing Lessons

Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott 2011
Play as many imaginary holes as you can in 30 minutes on the practice area. Imagine the course and your playing partners. Hit the clubs in the order you would hit them on the course. Take breaks between the shots. Play Your Best Golf Now

Bob Toski 1978
Never practice without first laying a board or a couple of clubs on the ground to maintain your alignment and keep your swing on the proper path. You can’t use these aids while playing, of course, but the more shots you hit from a proper alignment and the more you keep your swing on path, the easier it is to do when it counts. How to Become a Complete Golfer.



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