The Best Posture for Your Golf Swing

Peter Alliss 1995
Standing up to the ball means standing as tall as you can. Don’t hunch over; stand up, tilted forward from the hips, not the waist, with your knees slightly bent. If you bend them too much your backswing will be restricted and you are likely to develop a push or pulled slice. The Lazy Golfer’s Companion

Brian Crowell 2011
Assume your setup position. Without losing your posture, let your arms hang. They won’t hang straight—there will likely be a gentle bend—but be sure to let all the tension out of your arms so they feel like strands of wet spaghetti. If your setup was correct, your arms should have a comfortable space between your hands and thighs. If you were in a slicer’s position, the space between your left hand and thigh would be much smaller than the space created on the right side. Slice-Free Golf

John Daly 1992
One posture fundamental I recommend is to keep your chin raised just slightly above normal, so that you look down at the ball from the bottom of your eyes, so to speak. This chin-up position will allow your left shoulder to work smoothly underneath the chin as you develop your maximum shoulder turn. If your chin is tucked down so that you look like a turtle at address, your chin will stop your shoulder turn prematurely. Not only that, but because your chin stops the momentum your shoulder turn has begun to build, you can throw yourself off balance. So keep your chin up. Grip It and Rip It!

John Jacobs 1979
Set up to the ball with your knees well flexed and your back more upright, not bent so far forward, so that a line extending straight down from your eyes would touch the ground closer to your toes and farther from the ball. An excellent way to develop this correct posture is by hitting practice shots from a sidehill slope where the ball is slightly higher than your feet. Quick Cures for Weekend Golfers

Theodore Moone 1934
At address, the chin is firmly trained on a spot well behind the ball and must remain constant in this attitude during the whole swing, for the head is the governor of the swing. It was my friend, J.H. Taylor, that virile son of Devon, who first took me, literally by the cuff of the neck and in his inimitable way taught me the real meaning of a governing head—physically and otherwise. I have blessed him ever since and now pass on the teaching to you. Golf From a New Angle

Byron Nelson 1985
Without proper posture, you have little chance of making a good swing. You should be in good balance, with the weight evenly distributed and the knees flexed just enough to allow free footwork and leg action. Your lower back should be straight and your arms should hang freely rather than reaching for the ball or crowding in too close to it. Shape Your Swing the Modern Way

Dave Pelz 2000
The most comfortable and solid putting posture sets your center of mass (the center of your weight) over a spot between the balls of your feet. Leaning too far forward, so your weight gets out over your toes, can cause severe inconsistencies in the impact point of your putts. Leaning too far back, away from the ball, places too much weight on your heels, which leads to instability particularly in windy conditions, again hindering solid and repeatable impact. Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible

Cindy Reid 2003
I like to draw comparisons between the posture you assume for golf and the setup for other sporting activities like shooting a free throw in basketball or preparing to return a serve in tennis or getting ready to play defense in soccer. Your back is fairly straight; your shoulders aren’t hunched or slumped; you’re slightly bent at the waist; and your hands and arms are in front of your body. Good posture sends a signal to those around you that you are serious about your game. It’s worth spending the extra time in front of a mirror to get this part of the setup mastered. Cindy Reid’s Ultimate Guide to Golf for Women  



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