Review: Brainstorm Golf Happy Putter

Having accepted adjustable drivers, it makes sense that the next club we’d want to fiddle with is the putter. After all, those are the clubs that most define how we play, and adjustability makes perfect sense for a putter, which has to handle changing conditions round to round.

The Happy Putter offers a wide range of settings, all just a few twists away. Along with a shaft (available in different lengths but not adjustable) and aluminum head (blade or mallet) comes a collection of weights, screws, and inserts that create 3 lofts, 3 lies, 3 offset positions, numerous heel-toe weighting options, and right- or left-handed play. Making the changes isn’t hard (however, many of the pieces are small, so easily lost), and their effects quickly apparent.

To help make the proper adjustments, the website and/or free app are essential: Check out the explanatory text and videos first or it’s easy to get confused, especially if you only use the instructions accompanying the product. Once you have a sense for the different parts and their flexibility, you may be surprised by the results.

Purists might not like the bright blue/green color scheme, and the big metal pivot point where shaft meets head is a bit clunky. But the aluminum face is hot, the aiming lines helpful, and the overall feel quite nice. Even good golfers will likely find that in adjusting the Happy Putter to fit the conditions, they won’t have to adjust themselves to fit the putter.

$279.99 (custom lengths, $299.99);