Galvin Green: Wise Wear In Any Weather

If you’ve ever played golf in Europe, especially in Britain, and walked into the pro shop, you’ve probably seen outerwear from a company called Galvin Green. Until a few years ago, its goods weren’t available in the U.S., but a few savvy golfers came back from overseas with their very good (and high-priced) waterproof jackets and pants.

The Swedish company is launching in the U.S. with a spring/summer 2014 collection that features much more than rain gear. Building on nearly 25 years’ experience in skiing and other sports, as well as insights gleaned from outfitting lots of European Tour pros (many of whom actually pay for the stuff!), Galvin Green is showing off a range of high-performance clothing designed for all conditions.

Calling themselves “the world’s leading maker of functional clothing for serious golfers”—and using the tagline “We Never Compromise”—Galvin Green is making a pitch for the golfer not afraid to pay top dollar for top quality. Right now, it’s only available at a few private clubs, but also online from Check it out and expect to be impressed.

In weather-beating gear, where the company made its mark, there are jackets, half-zips, pants, sweaters, and windshirts, offered in bright, bold colors. Fully waterproof liners from Gore-Tex are featured at the top of the line, as is a lighter, stretchier Gore-Tex liner called Paclite. There are at least as many women’s choices as men’s, and most pieces come in a wide selection of sizes: For example, pants are sized for both waist and inseam (so forget having to guess if you’re S, M, L, or XL).

Look close and you’ll notice dozens of clever touches that prove this gear is golf-smart. Jackets and other tops have cinches inside and Velcro tabs outside that keep fabric close to the body and out of the way of the swing; some pieces even do without front pockets for the same reason (back pockets do the job just fine). Hidden zipper liners and foldable wrist cuffs channel water away from the body and hands; other flaps and clever shaping mean extra comfort at sensitive areas like the neck and throat.

Besides outerwear, the product line also now includes dozens of layering choices, from close-to-the-skin compression wear up through both warm and cool layers (depending on the conditions) to the outer shell. The warm layer—called Insula—offers thermal insulation and breathability in long-sleeve tops, sweaters, vests. The cool layer—called Ventil8—consists of soft, lightweight shirts, pants (including capri-length for women), shorts, and skorts that wick away moisture and breathe. They, too, are fitted with smart design features that aid comfort and performance.

Head to toe, cold weather to warm, Galvin Green wants to cover the golfer regardless of the conditions. Admittedly, it isn’t for everyone, but the prices—$150 shirts, $500 jackets and pants, $300 windbreakers—reflect the quality and features that go into every piece. For the golfer serious about fashion as well as function, the name Galvin Green won’t be foreign much longer.