The Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart: “A Real Sports Car”

Mercedes-Benz makes a lot of great sports cars, but its latest offering really puts the emphasis on sports.

The pimped-out Mercedes-Benz golf cart, which debuted yesterday at The Open Championship, is a result of cooperation between the company’s designers and its “Think & Act Tank Business Innovation” unit with Danish luxury cart manufacturer Garia. It’s a long overdue update of the golf cart, featuring a large curved windscreen, refrigerator under the sculptured bench seat, hi-fi speakers, and touchpad for hole views, scorecard, and food orders. And, of course, it rides a lot better than a typical cart.

But perhaps the most innovative yet simplistic touch is the bag holder, which is slanted rearward so it’s easier to remove clubs. The bags also stay in place and don’t tilt like they do in typical carts. With all the technological advancements in golf, it’s about time somebody did something to rethink the cart. For more, click here.