Peyton Manning Offered Membership at Augusta?

You’ve won the Super Bowl, you’ve retired from football, you’re making commercials. So what do you do next? If you’re Peyton Manning, you join Augusta National.

According to an Augusta, Georgia, radio station, Manning—whose USGA handicap is reported to be 4.4—has been invited to become a member at one of the country’s most prestigious clubs. Of course, Augusta National isn’t saying anything, and if Peyton is smart, he won’t either since the club is known to be super-secretive about, well, everything.

But when a reporter reached Peyton’s father Archie, he was told that Manning Jr. was at that very moment playing golf at the home of the Masters. It would be at least the fourth club he belongs to, along with Castle Pines and Cherry Hills, both in Colorado, and Crooked Stick outside Indianapolis (remember, he was an Indianapolis Colt before he was a Denver Bronco).

Which got us to wondering: Is golf the reason Peyton wore number 18?