Boynton Beach’s Hunters Run Explores Becoming Its Own Town

The three-course Boynton Beach country club of Hunters Run may become its own town.


Location, location, location.

The say location is everything in real estate and apparently Hunters Run, a private country club in Boynton Beach, Florida, is taking that to heart.

It’s not that they don’t like their Palm Beach County location just minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. Not at all.

They want to stay right where they are, but change their address from Boynton Beach to Hunters Run. It’s an image thing.

“It’s really just a selling point,” Hunters Run President Carl Sloan was quoted as saying in The Palm Beach Post. “Something a little different.”

The community has plenty to offer, no matter its mailing address. There are three golf courses that have hosted qualifying events such as the PGA Regional Tour, the U.S. Senior Tour, the U.S.G.A. Junior Tour and the U.S. Open local qualifying round. Members enjoy a 145,000-square-foot clubhouse, spa, pool and tiki bar, tennis, and pickle ball, too.

If you think the city of Boynton Beach is offended, think again. A name change would not change much else. Hunters Run would still be officially part of Boynton Beach and continue to pay for city services.

In fact, Mayor Steven Grant called a “great idea.” Especially if helps raise property values, which in turn would mean more tax revenue for the city.

Sounds like a winning move for all involved.