Amateur Makes Ace at Pro Event, Wins New Car

Making a hole-in-one in your Saturday morning game with your buddies is an exciting enough feat on its own. Add TV cameras, spectators, PGA Tour pros, and the prospect of winning a brand new car and you have a story straight out of the movies.

It’s only fitting then, that just 2 hours down the road from Hollywood, amateur Dave Colby found himself in that exact spot. Playing in the amateur competition of the CareerBuilder Challenge, Colby aced the 167 yard par 3 17th and took home a brad new car in the process.

The craziest part of the entire thing is that he didn’t even watch it go in. After hitting his tee shot, he looked down and only knew it went in after the crowd erupted. If that wasn’t enough, Colby went on to win the amateur competition.

The entire video, including Colby’s reaction can be seen below.