5 Myths About Golf Nutrition

Think you know everything about golf nutrition? Think again. Here are five common myths we debunked about sustenance on the course.

1. Drinking alcohol can help the swing

Alcohol may relax the muscles and ease anxiety and tension, but it also lowers blood sugar (leading to blurred vision, shaking, and other harmful effects) and slows hand-eye coordination, which is necessary for an efficient swing.

2. I don’t need to eat while I’m on the course

Maybe not a whole meal, but snacking on nuts or a protein bar while on the course will keep your energy up and concentration sharp. Before the round, eat some lean protein and vegetables, regulating your blood sugar for 3–4 hours and promoting strong mental focus.

3. After the round, I can eat whatever I want

If you ride, a round of golf isn’t much of a workout so you probably shouldn’t down a couple of beers along with a burger, fries, and dessert in the 19th hole. The secret to weight management is simple: Balance your energy intake with what you expend. 

4. It’s okay to skip breakfast before an early tee time

Being active on an empty stomach can sap your energy level and make it hard to stay focused. If you’re playing early, have a pre-game breakfast rich in protein and fiber, such as a vegetable omelet, egg sandwich, or Greek yogurt with oatmeal and a few nuts. 

5. I don’t need to drink much water during a round 

The average golfer loses 2.5 pounds of fluid per round in warmer months. Fluid loss leads to low energy, loss of focus, and overheating, which increases heart rate. Aim to drink a liter of non-alcoholic, low-sugar liquid per hour. Your urine is the test: If it’s almost clear, you’re good; darker colors indicate dehydration.

What are your top tips for golf nutrition?