5 Myths About Golf Clubs

Myth No. 1: Lower loft means longer shots

It may work that way with most of your irons, but not so the driver. The slower the swing speed, the higher the driver loft must be to maximize distance. If you swing the driver 65-75mph, use a 15o loft driver; 75-85mph, use 13o; 85-95mph, 12o. Those of you who hit the 3-wood as far or farther than your driver, now you know why.

Myth No. 2: Bigger head equals better performance

A larger clubhead might mean better performance from off-center hits, but real improvement with the driver comes from 1) a shorter shaft; 2) total weight and swingweight that match your swing tempo; 3) the proper loft (see above); and 4) an open or closed face angle to reduce your hook/slice tendencies.

Myth No. 3: Shaft flex is a standardized measurement

Ever hit two shafts of the same flex and wondered why they felt so different? The golf industry has no shaft flex standards, so an R-flex shaft might feel as stiff as someone else’s A- or S-flex. To get the right flex for you, forget the letters and work with a certified custom clubfitter who lives, eats, and breathes shafts—as well as every other club spec.

Myth No. 4: Your second longest club is the 3-wood

Many golfers can’t handle a 3-wood because its shaft is too long and the loft is too low to produce good, consistent results. You should experiment to find the fairway wood with the lowest loft that you can comfortably and consistently hit off a normal lie and get the ball into the air. For many golfers, this will be a 5-wood, maybe even a 7-wood.

Myth No. 5: Custom fitting is only for better golfers

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that…. In fact, proper fitting helps the mid-handicapper more than it does the low handicapper because having the right clubs reduces the frequency and severity of the poor shots that result from your less than perfect swings. Do yourself a favor: Get fit. Find a clubfitter through the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (agcpgolf.com) or my site (wishongolf.com/find-a-clubfitter/).



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