5 Things You Didn’t Know About North Berwick (West)

North Berwick (West) has played host to the sport of golf since the early 17th century onward. In fact, only the residents of St. Andrews have played golf for a longer continuous stretch on the same piece of land. Widely acclaimed for its handful of “template” holes and features—Pit, Redan, and the first Biarritz green—North Berwick (West) has inspired, and continues to inspire, course architects and designers from all over the world, offering a mixture of drama, eccentricity, and fun to all of those who get to play this links. And perched on the coast just 23 miles from Edinburgh, the vibrant golfing community of North Berwick is clearly embodied by the four clubs who share this world-famous links: North Berwick, North Berwick Ladies, Tantallon, and Bass Rock.

In this short video, we look at five things you may not know about this world-famous links.