4 New Golf Items to Know in 2022

Every year, golfers are greeted by an assortment of new products to be excited about. And yes, there’s inevitably a host of new things that also leave us scratching our heads.

But as golf continues to ride a strong wave of momentum and popularity, we’re all seemingly on a never-ending quest to play better, look better, feel better, or make our overall experience on the course that much better.

Here’s a selection of four interesting new items from various golf categories—beyond the traditional new club and ball releases—that are worth knowing a little bit more about for 2022.

Wheel Pro (Zero Friction)

One gripe we heard about in 2020 and 2021 amid play surges and more golfers walking was a shortage of pull (or push) carts. That makes the the Wheel Pro from Zero Friction that much more of an eye-catcher, arguably the most notable of a series of innovative releases from the Chicago-based golf accessory company. (I also like their new TurfTee that’s a tee and divot tool in one) The Wheel Pro is even more versatile, a 3-in-1 proposition that allows golfers to push or pull it as a wheeled cart, carry it like a stand bag, or strap it to the back of a motorized golf cart. The foldable handle adjusts to several different heights and the 11-inch wheels can be easily removed for storage in or out of the bag itself. It’s one of those products that makes you wonder how it didn’t come along sooner.

Sustainable Golf Apparel (RADMOR)

Apparel pieces from RADMOR, a clothing company with a Pacific Northwest vibe (founded by two former golf teammates at the University of Washington), are curated from all-natural materials and come in recyclable packaging. “We’re trying to focus the lens in that direction, but what we’ve also learned is that you can’t lead with sustainability first,” said co-founder Scott Morrison, who got back into golf after starting three top denim brands in the U.S. “It has to feel great and it has to be something people think looks great.” RADMOR is selling direct-to-consumer, at two standalone stores around Seattle, and at green grass locations. It also has two distinct logos—one meant to be clean and classic as well as a secondary logo of a ball going into a cup that’s aiming for youthful and fun.


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EBikes for Golf

The idea of solo rider vehicles for golf gained a little bit more traction during the coronavirus era, even if traditional golf carts and walking will always be the preferred mode of traversing the course. Every year it seems there are some intriguing new modes of solo transport—from the GolfBoard to the Phat Scooter—and the 2022 entry is specially equipped Ebikes from DivnickGolf. While one of the selling points of the Ebike is that it’s about one-third of the cost of some other single-rider devices, it also allows golfers to get as much exercise as they want. The “Intelligent Pedal Assist” mode enables golfers to select the level of motor they want, from full pedal to full throttle. There are also fat, turf-friendly tires, a low step-through frame, front fork, seat suspension for a smooth ride, and an ingenious bag carrier that pivots out to serve as the kick stand.

Sunday Golf Bags

The idea of the minimalist golf bag has been around for a while, but now a company—Sunday Golf—has fully embraced the spirit of carrying less and enjoying more. And the timing is good, what with people engaging with the game differently the past few years. Whether it’s getting out for practice, playing as a family, hopping out for a few holes at twilight, or tackling a par-3 course, Sunday Golf’s Loma bag fits the bill. It’s designed to be lightweight (less than two pounds) and durable, and includes compartments for tees, drinks, and up to seven clubs. It also comes with a lifetime warranty at its $120 price point.


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What new golf items are on your radar in 2022?