12 Top Stand Bags for 2024

By the time you’re done purchasing all the magical clubs that are going to help you shoot that career-low round this year—along with the rangefinder, weather gear, gloves, tees, and other gear destined to play a role in your 2024 golf journey—you’ll have invested a lot of time and money. It wouldn’t be right to stick them all in a threadbare bag that last looked good when Arnie was inspiring his army. Fortunately for you, the companies that market golf bags these days have been as busy designing and innovating as the club manufacturers have. Their output of cart bags, carry bags, Sunday bags—and everything in between—is staggering. Which can make it hard to know which one is best for you.

In this story, I’m just going to focus on stand bags—bags with sturdy legs that are light enough to carry for 18 holes (or more) and offer all the other added features walkers need. Even within this sub-category, your choices run the gamut, from high-end luxury bags that exude style to more utilitarian options designed to get the job done reliably for years to come. Some even come equipped with useful technology.

Bright colors, multiple colors, and patterns are only a few of the colorways we’re seeing for 2024, so whether you prefer a more conservative look or one that’s a bit splashier, you’ll easily be able to find a new stand bag that fits both your needs and your style.

Titleist LINKSLEGEND Members Bag

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Titleist LINKSLEGEND Members Bag

New from Titleist for 2024 is this premium stand bag that ticks all the boxes beautifully. Its sleek, classic look tells the world you’re a serious player, and its list of features is impressive. You can tell this is a high-quality bag from the minute you unbox it. Its legs and leg mechanism are sturdy and built to last. It protects your equipment well with leather-like, synthetic, water-resistant materials; rugged weather-proof zippers; and a 4-way velour top cuff that includes full-length club dividers to protect your clubs’ grips and shafts. The velour-lined valuables pocket and hidden drink compartment both feature easy-to-access magnetic closures—a time saving feature, but one that also addresses an age-old concern with some bags: zipper failure. The side apparel pocket is roomy enough for bulky sweaters or waterproofs. And it rides well, too, with comfortable, easy-to-adjust straps and side-of-bag quilting that make it an easy daily carry. Plus, it’s just 5.3 pounds—a lot less than you’d expect from a bag with so many thoughtful features. Choose from six different colorways in either single- or double-strap configuration. Titleist will even personalize it with your initials. (BUY NOW)

Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag

sun mountain
Sun Mountain 2.5+

Sun Mountain calls this bag the 2.5+ for two good reasons. First, it weighs in at under three pounds, making it a particularly nice choice for the avid walker. Second, it has features on top of features, as you’d expect from a company that’s been making some of the world’s most popular golf bags for so many years. Up above, you’ve got a 4-way top cuff with full-length dividers and a comfort-grip handle. Add to that strong, carbon-fiber legs and Sun Mountain’s X-Strap system that’s a cinch to get in and out of and can be used in a single-strap configuration on shorter strolls. There’s a hip pad for added comfort, and six pockets: a full-length apparel pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, a ball pocket with dual zippers, and multiple accessory pockets. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better full-feature bag in its weight class, and it comes in your choice of nine different colorways. (BUY NOW)

Vessel Player IV Stand Bag

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Vessel Player IV

Vessel has been making a strong name for itself in the premium bag market, and its Player series bags are good examples of why—including the new-for-2024 Player IV and Player IV Pro models. Vessel craftsmanship is present throughout, with patented technology and a heady list of standard features. One of the nicer ones is the patented Rotator Stand System that allows bags to sit flush to the ground when the legs are deployed. The jam-resistant bottom club divider is another—it helps prevent grips from grinding against each other whether the bag is upright or sitting on its legs. The straps are sweet, too—they feature an 8-point swivel that gives the Player IV excellent balance when it’s riding on your shoulders. The pockets are thoughtful and many. There’s an insulated cooler pocket for beverages, a velour-lined valuables pocket, a side accessories pocket with waterproof zipper, plus dual bottle sleeves and a rangefinder pocket, each of which have magnetic closures. Choose from 6-way and 14-way club dividers. The Player IV’s slightly bigger brother, the Player IV Pro, has an even larger apparel pocket, and some additional features you may want to check out—including a Kintsugi model, whose graphics resemble the traditional Japanese pottery repair technique where gold is used to replace missing pieces. (BUY NOW)

MNML Golf MR1 Sustainable Golf Bag

mnml golf
MNML Golf MR1 Sustainable Golf Bag

MNML Golf’s mission is: “Better for the Player, Better for the Planet.” The MR1 Sustainable Golf Bag is made with 100% recycled, ripstop material that looks great, is durable, and has a great story. Forty plastic water bottles are repurposed in the making of each bag, which is sheathed in a fabric of thick, interwoven, reinforcement threads. There’s a five-way top cuff (with two full-length club dividers), six magnetic pockets and two slip pockets, a thermal-lined pocket that can keep up a whole six-pack cool, comfy backpack shoulder straps that quickly convert to a single strap, a special pocket that your phone can sit in to video-record your swing, and a classic, minimalist design. You can equip your MNML MR1 with an optional tech kit, too, which includes a solar-powered iPhone or Android-ready phone charger and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The MR1 doesn’t have a large apparel pocket, but for casual rounds where you’re not worried about jumping in and out of layers, it does the job beautifully. (BUY NOW)

TUMI Stand Bag

TUMI Stand Bag

You’re probably familiar with the TUMI brand; airports and board rooms are full of their high-end products, which have long been revered for their style and quality. This year, you’ll be seeing the TUMI name on the golf course, too, since the company recently inked a deal to be the Official Luggage Partner of the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions, and LPGA Tour. The TUMI Stand Bag is a luxury product that more than lives up to the expectations you’d have for a new offering from this brand, starting with its clean, classic appearance. The bag’s legs and articulating bottom give it good stability. The five-section top cuff is padded to protect clubs. There are pockets seemingly everywhere, including a water-resistant apparel pocket, a lockable valuables pocket, two angled zip pockets, and an open side pocket with magnetic closure. TUMI’s shoulder strap system is a patent-pending design that makes slipping in and out of the straps easy, and they sit as comfortably on your shoulders as one of TUMI’s laptop bags does. The bag also comes equipped with some nice tech: a USB-C port for charging portable electronics, and TUMI Tracer, a system that can help owners track down their bag if it gets lost. Another touch I really like—the multi-function carabiner has a built-in bottle opener. Because… of course. Choose from jet black or white/tan with gold zippers. (BUY NOW)

PING Hoofer Stand Bag

PING Hoofer

The PING Hoofer has been one of the more popular carry bags on the market for years, and is a particular favorite among the college golf team set. PING never rests on its laurels, as evidenced by this year’s new-and-improved Hoofer. The five-way top cuff has been re-engineered for easier handling. Down below, the bottom of the bag’s interior has club separators that keep clubs aligned and grips from getting smashed together. The ball pocket—one of a whopping 16 built into this bag—is expanded for 2024, and a new stacked pocket configuration allows easy access to the pockets you use most often. Another nice feature: the Hoofer’s cart-strap channel that lets you keep the bag secured with a strap without blocking access to its pockets on days when you’re riding. It’s yet another reason why the Hoofer is destined to remain a favorite for golfers who hoof it. (BUY NOW)

Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

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Titleist Players 4

Titleist’s Players 4 bag is heavy on features but at just 3.7 pounds, really light in weight. As you’d expect from Titleist, it’s a nice evolution of prior years’ models. In addition to its uber-comfortable double carry strap with padded hub, its premium construction with high-grade aluminum legs, and its four-way top cuff with full-length club dividers, this year’s Players 4 bags boast some other strong new features—like the easy-access horseshoe-style tee/rangefinder pocket; enhanced apparel pockets with wider openings; an external, lined drink sleeve for keeping drinks cold; and upgraded YKK zippers, which are renowned for their ease of use and durability. The Players 4 comes in 16 different colorways. (BUY NOW)

Jones Trouper R Stand Bag

jones golf
Jones Trouper R

At Jones, they believe so much in walking the course that they don’t even make a cart bag; it’s carry bags and stand bags only for them. Their Trouper R Stand Bag builds on the Jones legacy by packing a lot of desirable features into one smart, compact product. Like the MNML MR1, it’s made with water-resistant, 100 percent recycled ripstop fabric that’s better for the planet. Its stand mechanism, updated for 2024, and its legs are light in weight but rugged. There’s a five-way club divider up top, and seven storage pockets—including a thermal cooler pocket and fleece-lined valuables pocket. Another extra-nice feature: extra-long shoulder straps that provide maximum comfort to golfers of all shapes and sizes. Available in seven different color schemes. (BUY NOW)

G/FORE Daytona Plus

G/FORE Daytona Plus

The Daytona Plus is G/FORE’s best-selling carry bag, and it offers a nice combination of style and performance. The sides are abrasion-resistant PU fabric—right up to the five-divider top cuff. The legs are chrome-plated fiberglass. There’s a neoprene hip pad and easily converted double/single strap configuration for smooth and easy carrying. And it comes equipped with six pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket, water-resistant valuables pocket, magnetic ball pocket, and beverage pouch. The overall appearance of this bag sets it apart, with grosgrain ridged-weave detailing that’s accented by black zippers and quilt panels. And it’s available in ten different colorways that are both simple and striking. (BUY NOW)

Pins & Aces Player Preferred Stand Bag

pins & aces
Pins & Aces Player Preferred

The Pins & Aces brand is on a mission to make golf more colorful—and more fun. But they’re also committed to putting out products that are high-quality and functional. This Player Preferred bag weighs in at just under 6.6 pounds, so it rides easy. The five-way, velvet-lined top cuff and full-length dividers keep clubs organized and shafts happy. And its “stand-flat” base is a reliable design that works well—and is the perfect partner for its sturdy legs with oversized feet. The pockets include a long side pocket, magnetic rangefinder pocket, and extra-large insulated beverage pocket—all with water-resistant zippers. Another nice feature: the carry handle has a steel plate built into it for magnetically attaching your rangefinder or Bluetooth speaker to it. And every Pins & Aces Player Preferred bag comes with a free, lightweight travel cover. Take your pick of 11 different colorways, ranging from classic to camouflage to electric lime. (BUY NOW)

Ogio Fuse Stand Bag

Ogio Fuse

Ogio makes everything from roller bags to duffels to pickleball backpacks. Golfers may know them best for their golf bags and golf travel bags, of which their Fuse stand bag is just one solid option. It’s made with ripstop polyester and recycled poly, so it weighs just 4.8 pounds. This year’s model features a new, four-way, over-molded top cuff, plus six pockets—including a rapid-access “snap ball” pocket, a rapid-access fleece-lined valuables pocket, and a water bottle pocket with drainage port. And the wider-foam double shoulder strap has a Fit Disc self-balancing system that makes balancing it a breeze. The Fuse comes in six different mod colorways. (BUY NOW)

Callaway Fairway+ Stand Bag

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Callaway Fairway+

Callaway made not have incorporated A.I. into the design of their new Fairway+ stand bag, but a lot of human intelligence clearly went into it. The five-way club divider at the top is rubber, with full-length dividers below to protect your shafts. At the bottom, Callaway’s new flex-pod base is a hassle-free mechanism that ensures stability on all kinds of slopes. The easy-to-adjust Fairway+ “Anatomic” strap design is made to rest well on all kinds of shoulders. It’s a step up from the ordinary in many ways, including the fact that this bag offers not four or five but ten pockets. Finally, the feet on its legs are actual feet, not just nubs, so they’re stable in all kinds of turf conditions. The Fairway+ is available in 11 different colorways, including some that are two-tone and three-tone. And you can personalize yours with a choice of icons, flags, and text. (BUY NOW)

Do you own a stand bag? Tell us what you like best about your bag in the comment section.