10 of the Most Expensive Golf Clubs on eBay

Have you seen the prices of golf clubs lately? It’s not uncommon for new drivers with the latest tech to fetch $600 at retail, while new putters have pushed past the $400 mark. Madness? No, it’s just manufacturers charging what the market will bear—and apparently, the market doesn’t mind spending out the wazoo when it comes to golf equipment.

But even those prices, lofty as they may be, pale by comparison to what some clubs are selling for on eBay and other online outlets, where rarity and collectability come into play. Clubs that at one time might have found their way into museums or been lost to the dustbin of history in someone’s basement or garage are now being hawked by profiteers on a multitude of e-commerce platforms—not just eBay, but Etsy, 2nd Swing, and others.

Many of the items you’ll find on those pages are limited edition clubs; “one of only 500 produced,” etc. Others may have some historical significance, like a 1902 Schenectady putter. Or they may be rara avis oddities that appeal to die-hard collectors eager to expand their collections, like the set of custom clubs used by celebrity stuntman Evel Knievel. One thing many of these items have in common are staggering asking prices.

How staggering? Here’s some of the most expensive items currently listed on eBay’s “golf clubs” pages, with titles taken from the actual listings. You’ll note that many of them are putters, which just goes to reinforce the old truism that you drive for show but putt for dough.

Nike “PROTOTYPE” 1~P “OVEN” Tour – Forged Blades MIURA Rare! Prototype First!

This set of irons purports to be one of the first Nike iron prototypes—muscleback blades with heads made by Miura in Japan. The right-handed set includes 1-iron through pitching wedge, each with Dynamic Gold Tour S300 shafts, standard lies and lengths, D3.5 swing weight, and grooves that are “good with usual wear.” They ship from Singapore, with all import duties to be paid by buyer. That would tack another $5,750 onto the price for a U.S. buyer, but who’s counting? Asking Price: GBP 91,477.98 (Approximately $115,564 USD)

(photo via eBay)

Scotty Cameron 009 – Made for Sam Burns – SSS with Topline – COA RYDER CUP PICK

There are more Scotty Cameron putters for sale on eBay than it seems possible for the company to have made. Most of the higher-priced ones are “Circle T” putters made for tour player use, or limited-edition clubs commemorating a certain player’s win. This club, milled in fine surgical stainless steel (SSS), comes with a certificate of authenticity stating that it was made for PGA Tour player Sam Burns. Asking Price: $69,009.69 or best offer

eBay golf
(photo via eBay)

Scotty Cameron Timeless 2 Beach GSS Big Tour Dot Sound Slot *Lh70

This Scotty Cameron Circle T putter is milled from German Stainless Steel (GSS) rather than SSS, and there’s no indication that it was made for, or used by, a touring pro. But it’s got a cool Circle T Pistrini Plus Tiffany Blue grip and matching headcover, and its rarity has led its seller to list it at a high price, indeed. Asking Price: $63,096.33

eBay golf
(photo via eBay)

Extremely Rare ~ Hoya Crystal Putter Golf Club ~ Mint In Box ~ Highly Collectable

This unique putter, from Japanese crystal maker Hoya, isn’t made with any kind of stainless steel. It’s solid crystal that’s advertised as “free from discoloration or imperfection.” At this price, it better be. The seller notes that “although you can actually play with this… I would have a custom shadow box made for it and show it on display.” Item cannot be shipped—local pickup only from Hilton Head Island, S.C., where you could presumably try out your magical crystal wand at Sea Pines while you’re in the neighborhood. Asking Price: $50,000

(photo via eBay)

Honma Beres 5 Star K24 PT1000 IS-05 6I~SW 8pcs R-Shaft Iron Set #70 Men Right

Honma is a Japanese club manufacturer known for the quality and craftsmanship of its clubs. Its Beres series add luxury and artistry to the mix, as in the case of these irons, which feature 24K gold accents, trim, and badge details. Asking Price: $27,999.99 or best offer

(photo via eBay)

TaylorMade Commemorative Tiger Woods 1/81 Iron Set

These TaylorMade irons, built to Tiger Woods’s specs, appeared in an edition of just 81 sets in commemoration of Tiger’s 15th major win at the 2019 Masters—his 81st PGA Tour win overall. They come in a nifty box, and with an autographed photo. eBay is chock-full of items honoring Tiger—everything from trading cards and replica Frank headcovers to Wheaties boxes and commemorative putters. Asking Price: C $35,000 (Approximately $25,760 USD) or best offer

(photo via eBay)

New In Case Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Masters Champion Putter 264/270

Of all the tournament wins worth commemorating, Tiger’s first major victory at the 1997 Masters must rank way up there. The 21-year-old Woods shot 40 on his first nine, but went on to win the event by 12 strokes with a record-setting score of 270. Titleist and Scotty Cameron made 270 of these babies, and this one’s numbered 264. The seller notes that it’s never been out of its cherry and acrylic box. Could you resist taking it out and stroking a few putts with it? Asking Price: $18,500 or best offer

eBay golf
(photo via eBay)

1985 MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Custom Set 1/12 of Woods – Extremely Rare – Muirfield

The seller of this set of four oil-hardened and unused woods from the 1980s states that he bought them at Jack Nicklaus’s course at Muirfield Village, and they come with a Muirfield Village scorecard signed by Jack and wishing their owner “good golfing with your new woods.” The Golden Bear was apparently there to watch son Gary compete in the U.S. Junior Amateur. Did Gary have a set of these in his bag? Or was he using one of TaylorMade’s new “Pittsburgh Persimmon” Pinseeker metal woods? If you know, leave a comment. Asking Price: $15,000 or best offer

(photo via eBay)

Vintage PING Karsten – Manganese Bronze – Patent Pending Prototype Putter

When Karsten Solheim focused his engineering mind on the making of golf clubs, one of the first places he went was perimeter weighting; “Toe-Heel Balance” as the company would later describe it. Today, that principle is incorporated into just about every golf club you can buy, as it was in this putter, which the seller dates to the late 1950s-early 1960s. Asking Price: $8,000

(photo via eBay)

The Godparticle Enhancement – Makes The World’s Most Powerful Golf Putter!!

This is one of the more unusual golf club offerings on eBay, as it’s not just a putter, but one that’s been imbued by its creator with a “GODPARTICLECHIP,” which has been specially tuned to this putter and utilizes a “Single Core Char’dal Zer’on TELEKINETIC PROCESSOR” (whatever that is). The seller says that with this unique advancement, the player can unlock telekinetic control of the putt and “go past the PHYSICAL GAME… past THE MENTAL GAME… straight to the SPIRITUAL GAME.” The seller notes that results may vary, but in his opinion, “you will instantly see a pro-level type of rapid improvement in your putting game” that will make its user “unstoppable when he walks up to the green.” The seller goes on to say that for twice the price of this club, he would be willing to “sell all the rights… the entire business,” and that film and book rights can be included in the negotiations. How can anyone who’s ever struggled with their putting resist an offer like that? Asking Price: $106,000

eBay golf
(photo via eBay)

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