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ALL SQUARE! Our new tile golf game

How many strokes will it take you to solve the puzzle?

Pebble Beach | 18th Hole

Welcome to ALL SQUARE! The goal is to put the tiles in numerical order in the least moves and time possible. Click one of the tiles near the open space to begin. To make it really difficult, click the "Show/Hide Numbers" link.

Did you beat the ALL SQUARE! record of 128 strokes in 77 seconds? Let us know how you did (and how you like our new game) by emailing us at and we'll post a list of the top scorers.


Derrick Tharpe: 72 strokes in 48 seconds

Edward Sierra: 84 strokes in 49 seconds

William Miller: 96 strokes in 96 seconds

John McDonough: 68 strokes in 87 seconds; 114 strokes in 130 seconds