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Appeared in Winter 2015 LINKS

Far be it from me to cross swords with the good doctor, but in this case, Mac, en garde!

Though I steadily creak toward Medicare, there are still a few activities in life that manage to keep my fires roaring, and one remains the sanguine dash up a hill, around a corner, or over the rainbow if necessary to find the outcome of a shot that's not only withstood the swing I put on it but has also stood up to the most maligned of golf's myriad challenges—the blind hole.

In the very act of watching a ball soar and then disappear, hope ignites the spark of youth within. Who isn't young in the face of adventure? Who isn't a child in the face of surprise?
But blindness on a golf hole—whether off the tee or in the approach—is about more than adventure and surprise. It's about trust and faith. It's about believing in ourselves and our swings and in what we don't have to see to know.

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Recently, with the help of the good folks at Golf-Tec, I had occasion to watch my golf swing on video, something I hadn’t done in years.

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Viewpoint | Minimalism

Appeared in Fall 2014 LINKS

IT’S BEEN 25 YEARS since Tom Doak opened his first solo design, High Pointe in Williamsburg, Mich. Besides launching Doak’s career, High Pointe had the dubious distinction of helping launch the term “minimalism” as it pertains to golf design. While many will argue over minimalism’s ideology and principles, one fact is true of almost all such courses: They’re built with relatively small budgets.

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Bifurcation: Yes, No, and Maybe

This article appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of LINKS.

by David Dusek

Sparked by the heated debate over the banning of anchored putting strokes, bifurcation—the establishment of different rules for championship play and amateur play—has been a hot topic this season. With different interests to protect, and different motivations at heart, it’s not surprising that many of golf’s biggest names and most influential personalities don’t see eye to eye.

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