First Peek | Ferry Point

Even the most diehard New Yorkers haven’t heard of Ferry Point, a little bit of the Bronx that sticks into the East River under the Whitestone Bridge. That anonymity is about to change.

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The Great Nice North

Appeared in Fall 2014 LINKS

How do you define a nice neighbor? One who breaks out the 12-year-old single malt when you drop by instead of the cheap blended stuff? Or doesn’t complain when your split-level ranch becomes home to the world’s loudest garage band? No. A nice neighbor is someone who offers you your choice of tee times on more than 2,000 golf courses. Like Canada.

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Golfs Royal Clubs

    Club Name Country Year Royal Title Conferred By  
  1 Royal Perth Golfing Society Scotland 1833 King William IV  
  2 The Royal & Ancient Golf Club
of St Andrews
Scotland  1834 King William IV  
  3 Royal Montrose Golf Club Scotland 1845 Prince Albert (consort to Queen Victoria)  
  4 Royal North Devon Golf Club England 1866 Prince of Wales (later Edward VII)   
  5 Royal Liverpool Golf Club England 1871 Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught  
  6 Royal Musselburgh Golf Club Scotland 1876 Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught  
  7 Royal Jersey Golf Club Channel Islands 1879 Queen Victoria  
  8 Royal Wimbledon Golf Club England 1882 Queen Victoria  
  9 The Royal Montreal Golf Club Canada 1884 Queen Victoria  
  10 Royal Eastbourne Golf Club England 1887 Queen Victoria  
  11 Royal Cromer Golf Club England 1887 Prince of Wales (later Edward VII)   
  12 Royal Ascot Golf Club England 1887 Queen Victoria   
  13 Royal Epping Forest Golf Club England 1888 Queen Victoria  
  14 Royal Malta Golf Club Malta 1888 Prince Albert Ernest Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh  
  15 Royal Dublin Golf Club Ireland 1891 Queen Victoria  
  16 Royal Guernsey Golf Club Channel Islands 1891 Queen Victoria  
  17 Royal West Norfolk Golf Club England 1892 Prince of Wales (later Edward VII)   
  18 Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club England 1893 Queen Victoria  
  19 Royal Norwich Golf Club England 1893 Duke of York (later George V)  
  20 Royal Melbourne Golf Club Australia 1895 Queen Victoria  
  21 Royal Worlington & Newmarket
Golf Club 
England 1895 Queen Victoria  
  22 The Royal Sydney Golf Club Australia 1897 Queen Victoria  
  23 Royal Blackheath Golf Club England 1901 King Edward VII  
  24 Royal Household Golf Club England 1901 King Edward VII  
  25 The Royal St George’s Golf Club England 1902 King Edward VII  
  26 Royal Aberdeen Golf Club Scotland 1903 King Edward VII  
  27 Royal Dornoch Golf Club Scotland 1906 King Edward VII  
  28 Royal County Down Golf Club Northern Ireland 1908 King Edward VII  
  29 Royal Portrush Golf Club Northern Ireland 1908 King Edward VII  
  30 The Royal Belfast Golf Club Northern Ireland 1908 King Edward VII  
  31 Royal St David’s Golf Club Wales 1908 King Edward VII  
  32 Royal Porthcawl Golf Club Wales 1909 King Edward VII  
  33 Royal Curragh Golf Club Ireland 1910 King George V  
  34 Royal Cape Golf Club South Africa 1910 King George V  
  35 Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club England 1910 King George V  
  36 The Royal Ottawa Golf Club Canada 1912 King George V  
  37 Royal Calcutta Golf Club India 1912 King George V  
  38 Royal Winchester Golf Club England 1913 King George V  
  39 Royal Queensland Golf Club Australia 1921 King George V  
  40 Royal Adelaide Golf Club Australia 1923 King George V  
  41 The Duff House Royal Golf Club Scotland  1923 Princess Louise, Dowager Duchess of Fife  
  42 Royal Port Alfred Golf Club South Africa 1924 King George V  
  43 Royal Hobart Golf Club Australia 1925 King George V  
  44 Royal Lytham St Anne’s
Golf Club
England 1926 King George V  
  45 Royal Tarlair Golf Club Scotland 1926 Princess Louise, Dowager Duchess of Fife   
  46 Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club England 1926 King George V  
  47 Royal Colombo Golf Club Sri Lanka 1928 King George V  
  48 Royal Burgess Golfing Society
of Edinburgh
Scotland 1929 King George V  
  49 Royal Harare Golf Club Zimbabwe 1929 King George V  
  50 Royal Fremantle Golf Club Australia 1930 King George V    
  51 Royal Johannesburg & Kensington
Golf Club
South Africa 1931 King George V  
  52 Royal Colwood Golf Club Canada 1931 King George V  
  53 Royal Durban Golf Club South Africa 1932 King George V  
  54 Royal Canberra Golf Club Australia 1933 King George V  
  55 The Royal Quebec Golf Club Canada 1934 King George V  
  56 Royal Nairobi Golf Club Kenya 1935 King George V  
  57 Royal Perth Golf Club Australia 1937 King George VI  
  58 Royal Birkdale Golf Club England 1951 King George VI  
  59 Royal Troon Golf Club Scotland 1978 Queen Elizabeth II  
  60 Royal Regina Golf Club Canada 1998 Queen Elizabeth II  
  61 Royal  Marianske Lazne Golf Club Czech Republic 2003 Queen Elizabeth II  
  62 Royal Wellington Golf Club New Zealand 2004 Queen Elizabeth II  
  63 Royal Mayfair Golf Club Canada 2005 Queen Elizabeth II  
  64 Royal Auckland Golf Club New Zealand 2010 Queen Elizabeth II  
  65 The Royal Port Moresby
Golf Club
Papua New Guinea 2012 Queen Elizabeth II  
  66 Royal Homburger Golf Club Germany 2013 Queen Elizabeth II  

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