Letter from St. Andrews: Trump Tales

Appeared in Spring 2012 LINKS

Talk about COINCIDENCE. I’m in the middle of writing this very column—about Donald Trump—when the phone rings and who is it? Donald Trump. He’d just seen the LINKS 100 lists of the top courses in the world and U.S and he wasn’t pleased. 

“I can’t believe none of my courses are on those lists,” he said.

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Dogged Victim | Floridaunting!

Appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of LINKS.

For a couple of years now, my primary residence has been Florida. Making the move was sort of an admission of defeat, or at least age, the state’s unofficial nickname being “God’s Waiting Room.

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Dogged Victim | Let's Get on the Stick

Appeared in Fall 2013 LINKS

Forgive me, but I’m on something of a crusade at the moment, and my target is an unlikely one (at least for a crusade). The flagstick.

Why? Because with one simple change in the Rules of Golf we can instantly make golf easier, faster, fairer, friendlier, and less complicated.

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Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach vs. Pacific Dunes Golf Course

Appeared in September/October 2003 LINKS

They had really started to annoy me. As innocent and well-meaning as they were, they were also relentless—and so emphatic, so damned sure of themselves. For the better part of three years I had suffered their gushing pronouncements and smug sermons, nodding patiently and feigning enthrallment with a series of politely timed “Wow!”s, “Really?”s and “No kidding!”s.

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