One golfer’s success story building a better swing at GolfTEC

Who among us doesn’t want to play better golf?

Taylor Osieczanek certainly did. And he went out and took the steps to succeed.

He looked to the coaches at GolfTEC, who give more than 25 percent of all the private golf lessons in the U.S., to help him.

At his initial Swing Evaluation in June 2011, Osieczanek made it clear that he wanted to be an exceptional golfer. GolfTEC Coach Chris Neylan made it clear that his goal could be achieved, but only with exceptional effort and dedication. Osieczanek made the commitment, purchasing a 12-month Improvement Plan, and never looked back.

When he started his lessons, Osieczanek had an over-the-top, open clubface swing. As a result, he was lacking distance and only had two shots—slices and pulls. Working with his coach from the ground up, start to finish, and inside out, he improved the basics of his golf swing and built a proper swing technique. The swing improvements, combined with a club fitting in 2012, have him hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever.

Not to be ignored, Osieczanek and his coach followed every half-hour full swing lesson with a half-hour short game lesson.

With his dedication to improvement, Osieczanek, who once shot in the mid 90s, is now consistently in the low 80s and shot an 80 in tournament play at the Colorado Mid-Am. The icing on the cake was his hole-in-one during the past year.

While GolfTEC doesn’t guarantee a hole-in-one for every student, they do enjoy a 95 percent success rate with their comprehensive approach. All lessons are taught one-on-one in private, indoor bays using the most sophisticated technology.

Now through February 28th GolfTEC is promoting Training Camp to help golfers work on their game in the preseason. Training Camp is a Three-Month Plan that includes a free Swing Evaluation. To learn more and to sign-up visit:

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