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By: Jamie Patton

Kia ora,

Allow us to introduce ourselves:  I'm Jamie Patton (usually known as JP) and the guy sitting next to me is Michael Goldstein (he goes by Goldy).  We're an odd couple, a little like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau crossed with Jermaine and Brett from Flight of the Conchords.  Now into the back nine of our twenties, it seems like a lifetime ago that we retired as corporate lawyers (two years was enough) and took flight from our native New Zealand on a bit of an adventure. 

In 2010, instead of drafting Shareholders Agreements, we played a round of golf every day of the year, around the world, to raise money and awareness for The First Tee of New Zealand - our local chapter.  A good decision, looking back.  In that time we played everywhere from municipal courses in the Australian outback with sand greens to the likes of Pine Valley and Cypress Point.  We met characters from every walk of life, people who reached out to us with the offer of a bed, a washing machine and, of course, a few holes.  And to be honest, our golf probably got worse!

After a spell back in the real world we're at it again, although this time around it’s a little different.  A little less structured, for one – but probably every bit as frantic.  Whereas puregolf2010 revolved entirely around the mission of playing golf every day, and fundraising along the way, on this journey there will be ample time to reflect on the courses we're fortunate enough to play and on American golf culture more generally.  Given our planned route (see map below) we should be fairly well placed to give a global account - if our 1998 Dodge Ram van keeps running, that is.  The goal is a narrative that's somewhere in between Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and H. D. Longhurst’s Only On Sundays.

LINKS Magazine has generously afforded us the opportunity to share some of our reflections with you on this platform.  We do hope you enjoy them. 

If you're curious, we're also penning a blog of our own, which charts our adventures with a wider angle lens; on it you'll find all sorts of ludicrous material showcasing the mercurial existence we lead. 

Look forward to meeting some of you on the road.

JP & Goldy

Our route, April - July


Waccamaw Golf Trail
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